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Here, a new strategy is attempted - since religion isn't permitted to be taught or promoted in schools, and witchcraft is an established religion, then Dungeons & Dragons, if it truly promotes witchcraft, must be forbidden as well.

This doesn't get very far out of the gate. By the very Webster's definition quoted on this page, D&D doesn't qualify as a religion, because no one believes in the things that are going on in it.  If this were allowed to fly, then books such as The Wizard of Oz and The Chronicles of Narnia series would have to be banned for having witches in them.

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DMG - PAGE 115 - (Various quotes): Here, the pamphlet lists several examples of text from the Dungeon Master's Guide that deal with spell research in the game - what items need to be collected and what research need to be done in order for a magic-user character to create a new spell for the game.

This is all simply a way to add color and flavor to the roleplaying experience. If a player had an idea for a new kind of spell that wasn't covered in the Player's Handbook, and thought it would be fun to roleplay his character researching and creating such a spell, this page gives the player and Dungeon Master some ideas on how to make the procedure interesting.  The DM may create a special quest for the player and the rest of the group to collect the necessary items, and even make the player retire the character for a short while, to simulate the research time.

When a player decides to create a new spell for the game, the DM compares the outcome of it to the various spells in the Player's Handbook, to see if a comparable spell already exists, and if not, to determine how powerful the spell should be (how much damage it will do, how long it will last, how many it will effect, etc.)  This is what is meant by "known" magic principles - a term that the DMG itself puts into quotes, to show that it is a game term, and no claim of real magical knowledge.