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Welcome to the official wiki of [|Reading, Writing & Roleplaying], one of the many projects devoted to the positive promotion of roleplaying games from [|The Escapist]. Here, you will find resources for using role-playing simulations as teaching tools, to teach a variety of subjects.

Are you an educator who would like to contribute ideas and inspirations? Please contact me -

!Lesson Plans
(((Lesson plan template)))

(((Review template)))

__Role-playing games__
* ((Adventures in Oz - Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road)) - reviewed by David Millians
* ((Harnmaster)) - reviewed by David Millians
* ((Heroquest)) - reviewed by David Millians
* ((Pendragon)) - reviewed by David Millians

__Board and card games__
Coming soon

*((A Guide to GURPS Books))
*((A Guide to Simulation Rules))

!External Resources
*[|Ruthless Diastema] - "An exploration of games in the classroom." This high school English teacher gives his students a "character sheet" that they fill out as they achieve different accomplishments in his class. He has a fantasic blog and podcast that are filled with ideas and examples. Required reading and listening!

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