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RPG Disclaimers - Vampire (2e and 3e)
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 17 of Dec., 2009 08:05 PST
In the spirit of my previous post about RPG disclaimers, here are two more, from Vampire: The Masquerade second edition (1992):

...and third edition (1998):

Note the difference between the two. To put it into historical perspective: The first disclaimer was written when Vampire was fairly new, and hadn't received much media attention yet. The second was written after the murder of Heather Wendorf's parents, which was widely blamed on Vampire back in 1996, and the year before it would be connected to the Columbine massacre (despite no evidence that the killers ever played it).

I'm not sure if the first edition or the new version of Vampire have them or not, as I don't have access to those books. Can anyone help out there?

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