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RPG Disclaimers - Mage 2e
Posted by WJWalton on Fri 18 of Dec., 2009 06:36 PST
After the last two posts about disclaimers in RPG rulebooks, I've been digging through my collection, looking for disclaimers. Here's one from a game I've always wanted to run, but never had the chance to - Mage: The Ascension:

(Taken from the second edition hardback, 1995)

I checked through a lot of other World of Darkness books from the same time period, but most of them seem to use a boilerplate of the disclaimer from Vampire, with appropriate rewording ("werewolf," "mummy," etc., in place of "vampire").

Over at the Escapist Fan Page on Facebook, former White Wolf author Sam Chupp commented on their disclaimer policy:

"I can't remember anyone requiring us to disclaim this way. People just wrote them because they were fun to write."

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