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Re-archiving the Archives
Posted by WJWalton on Wed 08 of July, 2009 09:03 PDT
I recently started on a 'housekeeping' project that I've been putting off for years now - cleaning up the article archive that I've accumulated for the last 13 years.

It was quite a task - a lot of copying and pasting, and the occasional pause as I re-read a few articles that I haven't seen in quite a while.

Some of them really took me back - stories like the one about the youth pastor who ritually sacrificed Pokemon during a sermon, a 3.5 million dollar LARP that the US government played in 2000, the 700 Club claiming that Magic players are "attacking (their) living, breathing opponent by using devils to conjure demons and cast spells", and a Columbine article that SFGate pulled when they received too many complaints from Goths (one of the best reasons why I archive these things like I do).

The best part of going through all of these articles is seeing the madness dwindle. As we've advanced further into the 21st century, we've seen fewer and fewer 17th century attitudes towards D&D, Vampire, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Harry Potter.

I'm no media or culture expert, so I can't say if it's because of people generally wising up, or a lower tolerance for kookery among reporters and editors. I'm just glad to see it happen, whatever it is.

Now that I have all of the pages reformatted and looking somewhat consistent, I'll get to work on the next step - making sure they're all linked from the Archives page.

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