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Symbiotic Game Stores
Posted by WJWalton on Sat 11 of July, 2009 21:06 PDT
Recently, an old gaming buddy told me about a new game store that opened not long ago, and while I was out rather late tonight, I stopped by for a look.

The store is called "Heroes," and it's a combination sub shop and hobby store. It was after closing when I pulled into the parking lot, so I only got to peer into the glass to see a sub counter on the left side of the store, a row of glass cases filled with miniatures and cards on the right side, and several gaming (and eating) tables in between.

It reminded me of another game store I used to visit back in the mid 90s, around the time that I first started this website. It was in the front section of an Ace Hardware store in a little town called Frederica. Customers who came in looking for pipe tape, lawn fertilizer, or finishing nails would have to walk between wargame tables and racks of Dungeons & Dragons and Mechwarrior books to get them.

If I had to guess, I suppose I would say that this sort of thing is connected to the low population of gamers in our area - anyone interested in opening a gaming store would have to do so as a sideline to another business. (There have certainly been a lot of dedicated gaming stores that have tried and failed to stay afloat - I can think of at least 5 or 6 that have closed in the last decade.)

The end result - symbiotic combinations like these, where you can get a large Italian hoagie and a new set of dice in the same place.

Do you know of any game stores in unusual places? I'd love to know - post about them in the comments!

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