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Gamer saves girl from fire
Posted by WJWalton on Sat 09 of Oct., 2010 04:54 PDT
Here's a story to balance out that previous ugliness from a couple of days ago - a gamer leaving a D&D game made a terrible discovery, and did the right thing. I think it stands pretty well without any further comment from myself:
Peering into the remains of a house that had just exploded, Dan Lemon could see a child's bare foot. He passed into the building and began pulling debris off the girl's body. Smoke was filling the house. Flames were pressing in.

Moments before, the Roseville resident had been at a friend's house on the 5600 block of 32nd Avenue S. in Minneapolis playing Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game. Now the stakes were real.

What happened next was one of several heroic moments that Minneapolis Fire Chief Alex Jackson put in the spotlight on Friday at an awards ceremony.

Read the full story here.

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