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Arcana Wiki needs your help!
Posted by WJWalton on Sat 09 of Oct., 2010 06:43 PDT
The Arcana Wiki is an incredible resource for gamers looking for background and inspiration for their RPGs:
Legends, mythology, UFO lore, Conspiracy theories, Fiction, and even (seemingly) mundane cultural traditions from other countries. These can and have been used to inspire role-playing game adventures and even entire campaign settings. This wiki aims to collect information about all those, ready for gamers - and then adds suggestions by other gamers - for actually using them in your game.

...and the wiki could really use your help. At present there are over 3,000 pages, but almost all of that content comes from four people. With a few more helping hands, Arcana could become one of the best online resources for roleplaying inspiration.

So if you happen to have the wiki bug and would like to help out, join up and start contributing!

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