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People STILL play that game...?
Posted by WJWalton on Tue 28 of July, 2009 10:10 PDT
Every so often, I'll spot an article, editorial, or review that makes a comment similar to this one -

Most of the time, tech culture slowly seeps in, wafting from the dark, damp corners where the geeks play their Dungeons and Dragons (and they still do this, by the way, even with all the fancy technology and worldwide communication gadgetry, there’s still dudes in basements rolling dice and eating way too many pizza rolls)...

I usually just pass them by without giving it a second thought. I realize that some of it is made in jest and the rest is just ignorance, but it happens so often that it makes me wonder - Why should it come as a surprise to anyone that people still play Dungeons & Dragons?

Is it because many people consider it a passing fad from the 80s? Or were we supposed to chuck our Monster Manual into the nearest recycling bin once we laid our eyes on World of Warcraft?

The fact is, like any other game, many players still desire the face-to-face presence of others, the feel of cards or playing pieces in our hands, and the sound of rattling dice. The fact is, the game was a decade old at it's heyday in the mid 80s, and never really lost all of its devoted fans.

The fact is, people love to play games no matter how long they've been around.

I've drawn up a handy visual aid to help illustrate the point. Feel free to direct anyone to this chart whenever they ask "Do people really still play Dungeons & Dragons?" You may even want to suggest that they replace D&D with any of the other games listed below, just to demonstrate how silly it sounds.

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