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The RPG Fact Checker
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 05 of May, 2011 10:46 PDT
One of the projects I have been working on for the site for a very long time is a short PDF document aimed at anyone who is writing on the subject of tabletop roleplaying games without much prior knowledge of what they are and how they are played - something I call "The RPG Fact Checker." I'm hoping that such a thing would be a handy tool for any writer who has an honest desire to accurately write about the hobby, with some basic facts, refutations of common misconceptions, and links to more information.

The reason it has taken so long to complete it is that I've spent so much time debating what should go into it, and how long it should be. At present, I have a pretty good amount of information compacted into three pages, and I'm fairly happy with the way it is organized.

But as always, I'm open to suggestions. Before I go public with it, I'd like some other people to have a look and tell me what they think. A link to the PDF is below. If you think I've missed something that really should be included, email me at Thanks!

The RPG Fact Checker (PDF)

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