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Yes, Girls Play D&D
Posted by WJWalton on Fri 27 of May, 2011 07:17 PDT
Jeff Woodall pointed me in the direction of these two videos about a Dungeon Master named David and his all-female group of players. The original, "Yes, Girls Play D&D" was made for a school project, and was aimed at people who know very little about the hobby. The second, "Yes, Girls (Still) Play D&D," is sort of an update on the group, how they have developed as players, and how they are dealing with the challenge of balancing game time and real life.

It's always great to see any group of roleplayers having a good time at a session - but even better when it's a stereotype-buster, like this group is. (And I love the idea of a party of musicians named after classical composers, and will totally be stealing it for a future campaign.)

The sound on both of these videos is a bit low, so you may want to dig out your headphones. (Be forewarned that there is a little bit of salty language in both of these videos, so please watch with discretion around younger gamers.)

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