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Tucson Weekly’s Nostalgia = Classic D&D Paranoia
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 30 of June, 2011 11:09 PDT
(Back from Origins safe and sound. I'll have a full report finished and posted soon, but until then...)

The Tucson Weekly's Nostalgia feature brings back a cover story from 25 years ago - "Dungeons & Dragons: Playing With Fire?"

“Many of the fantasy and role-playing games are smack in the middle of the occult, and that’s the truth,” says Jack Gracie. Gracie is the spokesman for Tucson’s Christian Awareness Fellowship, a “non-profit interdenominational Christian group primarily devoted to educating the body of Christ concerning the cults and the occult.”

“In these games, kids are taught how to invoke demons and thinks like that. And now it has gone beyond a game.”

Sadly, they don't reprint the entire article, so we don't know how balanced the story is. But given the time period, I think we could make an educated guess. If anyone has a copy of the full story, please let me know.

Full article is here

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