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Lakers coach = D&D geek
Posted by WJWalton on Sat 31 of Dec., 2011 04:40 PST
Cool: LA Lakers coach Mike Brown announces that he has played his share of D&D in middle school - and at 41, he still plays the game, running adventures for his 14 year old son Cameron.

Uncool: A Media Daily LA reporter pokes fun at this, and says that "hopefully, Cameron will find a different hobby to explore when he begins attending high school."

Coolest: RPG geeks, sports fans, and RPG geek sports fans take the author to task for the statement in the comments.

To Mike Brown, if he ever somehow reads this - keep playing D&D with your son for as long as you can. Keep instilling that sense of adventure, and that love of exploration and literacy. Keep spending time with your kids in the way that all parents should. If you do, your son will grow up to be intelligent, wise, and thoughtful, and will likely not end up writing nasty, hateful little blurbs like this one.

This will be my last post of 2011. Have a safe and happy New Year celebration tonight, everyone!

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