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Catholic podcaster answers "Is it okay to play Dungeons & Dragons?"
Posted by WJWalton on Sun 08 of Jan., 2012 06:02 PST
In the latest episode of the Jimmy Akin podcast, a caller (and veteran roleplayer) named Raoul asked a question about the Catholic church's stance on roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, and the host's answer was a very positive one.

In his response, Akin discussed the benefits that roleplaying can have on the players, especially in the areas of imagination and coping with dramatic situations - but he goes a step further than that, admitting to being one of the contributors to a classic superhero RPG (Chaosium's Superworld).

(He also states that the Vatican has never made a specific statement about RPGs, but he may not have been aware that they came pretty close by making a positive statement about the Pokémon card game, mentioning how it allows players to "enter directly into the story.")

To address the concerns of the supposed dangers of RPGs, Akin says something that most of us have been saying for a very long time - you cannot base the value of the entire hobby on the way that certain people participate in it. In his words: "Is this game okay in the way it's being run in this instance?" He recommends that anyone who gets involved in an RPG session that is making them uncomfortable about their morality should remove themself from the game - good advice for all roleplayers, Catholic or otherwise.

You can listen here: Jimmy Akin (the D&D question starts at around 40:00)

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