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Do not talk about Monopoly club
Posted by WJWalton on Tue 14 of Feb., 2012 06:42 PST
College students being shy about playing RPGs? In 2012? Really?

Louisiana State University's Daily Reveille shares the story of a group of student gamers who used to disguise their hobby - claiming that they're playing Monopoly each Friday night - to avoid being cast as stereotypical nerds:
Almost every week, Hoppens and his friends play the game, though they disguise it as Monopoly. The group also has a secret Facebook page for players under that same guise.

Hoppens said he was initially apprehensive to play the game, given the nerdy stigma people often associate with D&D. But he was eventually lured in after observing friends embark on fantasy-filled adventures.
Thankfully, they eventually gained enough confidence to be a bit more open about it. Sadly, that same stigma is likely keeping a lot of other great potential players away from the hobby.

Read the full story here: Many students hide Dungeons & Dragons gameplay for fear of stereotypes

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