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20 Sided World - Robert Oglodzinski on RPGs in Poland
Posted by WJWalton on Wed 15 of Feb., 2012 05:50 PST

At the Game Knight Reviews blog, Robert Oglodzinski tells the tale of the long and winding road he had to take to discover the roleplaying hobby, and how difficult it was to find RPG books in Poland during the 1990s:
It was the early 90s. The US attacked Iraq. Poland was a free country. The USSR collapsed. My cousin was in Germany playing Eye of the Beholder (Editor: Awesome game!). But I didn’t know what was up. I found some people in a nearby town running the local fantasy and science fiction community. They were a kind of rebels. Most of their older friends were just reading books and these young guys brought in this “RPG sickness” that was spreading very quickly.

Read the rest of the story at the GameKnight Reviews blog.

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