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The Zen of RPGs and Wizards' new "D&D Parents" community
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 23 of Feb., 2012 20:50 PST
Two great items hit my radar this week:

First, Gnome Stew guest writer Adam Meyers waxes philosophical about roleplaying:
See, back in the ’80s, when the world was convinced Dungeons and Dragons was some sort of gateway drug to the occult, it fell to D&D pioneers to not only explain how RPGs weren’t evil, but how they could actually be good for you. Gary Gygax compared D&D to a chair once on 60 Minutes, and Tracy Hickman wrote a three-fold essay on RPG Ethics.

Read the full article here: D&D, Social Skills, and the Zen of Roleplaying Games.

Second - a Wizards Community user named Roger Nicholls has recently taken over a group on the WotC website called D&D Parents. In his own words:
It's effectively a group of parents who have gaming kids or want their kids to get into gaming. It's there to offer support, advice and a place to simply hang out and share ideas.

Roger is looking for roleplayer parents to help join the community. If you fit that description, or know someone who does, be sure to sign up at

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