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Three RPG Kickstarters that deserve your attention.
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 19 of April, 2012 05:49 PDT
From various sources come three Kickstarter projects (two live, one pending) that deserve your attention:

First, my friend Jason McCartan pointed me to Attacks of Opportunity, which is basically a d20 in one of those Pop-A-Matic cases. While this may seem like a neat gimmick for the die collector (or someone who wants to burn through a game of Trouble a lot more quickly), it's also a great alternative to loose dice for people who lack motor control. And any effort to help the differently-abled play RPGs is a good thing, in my book.

Second - Witch Girls Second Edition has been funded, but still has 21 days left. It's an excellent urban fantasy/anime-ish RPG aimed at tween and teen girls, a sorely overlooked demographic as far as tabletop roleplaying is concerned. The pledge perks are pretty nifty, so if you're interested in such a project, you really should take a look before time runs out.

And finally - Golden Sky Stories is a Japanese RPG that is currently being translated into English. According to the publishers: "Golden Sky Stories is a heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game that’s great fun for all ages. It takes place in a small town in rural Japan, and players take on the role of henge (pronounced hen-gay, like a chicken that’s happy), animals with just a little magical power, including the ability to temporarily take human form. They do not fight great battles or unearth valuable treasures though; Golden Sky Stories adventures are all about helping others and becoming friends." It sounds like an excellent RPG for young people (and their grownups) who enjoy the Hayao Miyazaki movies. The Kickstarter for this one isn't active yet, but you can visit their website and Facebook page for more information.

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