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Random Article Table: Wayne Foundation Strikes Again, RPG Kickstarters, Lizzie's LARP book, and D&D on the Western Front
Posted by WJWalton on Mon 14 of May, 2012 06:59 PDT
Once again, I've been caught with very little free time to update the page or post to the blog, and a backlog of great articles has started to build. So without further ado, here's another Random Article Table to roll on:

- First up is a Tumblr blog devoted to RPG Kickstarter projects, for those of you who are interested in supporting the crowdsourcing movement. Updates seem to come pretty regularly (unlike SOME PEOPLE I know...), and there are lots of interesting projects to support. Check it out at
(Thanks to Jonas at the CAR-PGa group for the link!)

- Next, the Wayne Foundation Fundraiser has returned. This is a fundraiser organized by DriveThruRPG to benefit a charity that helps children who have been involved in prostitution. For just $25, donors receive over $235 of quality RPG material, as well as the knowledge that they have helped children who are truly in need. You can purchase the bundle at DriveThruRPG (Hurry, though - the bundle expires on May 18th!), and find out more about the Wayne Foundation at

- Then, Lizzie Stark's new book on the LARP hobby, titled "Leaving Mundania," has been getting a lot of attention, including a couple of great pieces on Wired GeekDad and the BBC News website. She's been a friend of the site for a while now, and I'm happy to see how well her book is being received. Look for it!

- Lastly, but not leastly, is a great piece on The Western Front, the official newspaper of Western Washington University, titled "Interactive storytelling: Dungeons and Dragons." College newspapers are usually very supportive of the hobby (often because the articles are written by gamers), and this one is no exception - it's a very good depiction of the hobby and the positive things it inspires. Thanks to Mindon Win and The Western Front for keeping it real.

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