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RPG-positive story in the Santa Clara Weekly
Posted by WJWalton on Wed 29 of Aug., 2012 07:37 PDT
Here's a nice little piece, complete with a picture of smiling gamers, on the Dungeons & Dragons Encounters events held at a game and comic store in Santa Clara, California.

“Dungeons and Dragons gives you a chance to explore reacting to different situations,” Gravius says. “Something really satisfying about playing Dungeons and Dragons is being able to figure out a difficult puzzle or winning a really tough battle. It’s even more fun when you win with a group of people.”

Gravius brushes off the misconception that Dungeons and Dragons is a game strictly for male players. She insists that women can play the game too. In fact, both men and women participate in the Dungeons and Dragons game playing group at Illusive Comics & Games.

Read the full article here: Dungeons and Dragons Group Fosters Role Playing Fun

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