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GameHearts - Promoting adult sobriety through gaming
Posted by WJWalton on Mon 14 of Sept., 2009 07:35 PDT

MJ Harnish at Gaming Brouhaha mentioned a project based in Montana called GameHearts, which works to help adults maintain their sobriety by offering alternative, engaging entertainment:
The program achieves its directive by providing free and low cost gaming activities in a supervised non-alcoholic, sober environment, along with access to gaming accessories that are provided without cost to the participants. In fact, beginning players can learn and obtain free gaming materials solely for playing.

Currently, the focus seems to be on colletible card and miniature games, but according to founder Ron Glick, that may expand to cover tabletop RPGs as well:
The primary games that the program uses are tabletop customizable games, such as card and miniature games (CCGs and CMGs), though there is also a strong interest in promoting role playing games (RPGs), as well.

I love hearing about projects like these, because they're the sort of thing that the BeQuest project is all about. GameHearts covers all of the bases - it provides assistance to those in need, it gives gamers the opportunity to help others, and it clearly demonstrates not only that gamers are productive members of society, but also how RPGs can be beneficial, as well as fun.

If you're in the Kalispell, Montana area, consider getting involved in GameHearts. If not, you can help out in other ways, including making donations of game materials to the project. Visit the GameHearts (external link) website to find out more.

And if you think your community could use a project like GameHearts in your area - steal this idea! Start one of your own! And if you do, be sure to let me know about it!

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