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Balancing things out: Soterion, a Christian RPG
Posted by WJWalton on Mon 21 of Sept., 2009 16:48 PDT
In the interest of keeping things fair and balanced,* I will compensate for the previous post with one about a newly released Christian RPG, Soterion:
Welcome to the world of Soterion where the imagination can reach and explore the impossible. It is a place of exotic races, foreign kingdoms, a two thousand year history, and exciting adventures where one can discover the secrets of Soterion. This fantasy world is not only fun but also a fortress of purity within the world of imagination, where spiritual symbolism and Biblical truth reign supreme. Biblical knowledge, teamwork, and problem solving are but a few of the skills explored and expanded on, while taking part in this fantastic new world.

You can find out more, and order a copy of the book, at

(* I'm not really being fair and balanced... I just happened to get links to both of them at the same time.)

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