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Washington Post parenting blog likes D&D
Posted by WJWalton on Wed 23 of Sept., 2009 06:31 PDT
Brian Reed, in an "On Parenting" column for the Washington Post, gave us a list of toys that he feels are "worth a comeback." Dungeons & Dragons made number five:

All you need to know about my life in middle school is that I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and that almost certainly delayed my first kiss. Though the Internet (through places like Second Life and World of Warcraft) means that opportunities for role-playing have never been richer, I have to mourn the loss of the social aspect. There was something important about sitting around a table with friends, chatting and clutching 20-sided dice. After all, the dice --in the end — were irrelevant.

Okay, sure, he seems to be unaware of the fact that D&D has been in print in various forms and editions since his beloved 80s - but don't lose the sentiment here. He's praising the social aspects of a game that he enjoyed when he was a young person.

Or maybe he's not unaware. Maybe he's really suggesting that more parents should play RPGs with their kids. And if that's the case, I could not agree more.

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