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Gaming Brouhaha's after-school RPG club reports
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 24 of Sept., 2009 06:03 PDT
MJ Harnish at Gaming Brouhaha has posted two of his weekly reports on running the Mouse Guard RPG for teens in an after-school gaming club.

In Session 0, he guides his players through the character creation process. Here we learn that a couple of his players are almost completely inexperienced when it comes to RPGs, yet they seem to take to it right away.

We also learn something else about his group of players:
One other important bit of information – all of the kids in my group are ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. All of them speak English quite well but aren’t Native speakers. That’s an important to take note of since the game still worked perfectly for them – they could understand the premise, the language, and imagery without any difficulties. They also generated some pretty amazing stuff.

In Session 1, MJ details the first session with a split group (there are too many players in the after-school club to cram them all into one party). Both groups get off to a great start.

These session reports are well written, and include meta-game comments from MJ throughout. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming reports.

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