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LARPing in SLC, and an Awful Library Book
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 10 of Dec., 2009 16:31 PST
Two things that landed on the Escapist news desk today:

- First, from our good buddy Nate, comes LARPing: Real Life Adventures, a positive piece on the LARP hobby in the Salt Lake City Community College's paper The Globe, that focuses on the Mythic Realms LARP organization. Read it here: [article | archive]

- Second, today's post on the Awful Library Books blog (which I've discovered recently and have been enjoying a lot) features a book from 1998 titled Coping with Satanism: Rumor, Reality, and Controversy. According to the bloggers, the book features a "section regarding the satanic influences of Dungeons and Dragons."

Has anyone ever seen this book before? It seems that I can get a used copy for mere pocket change on Amazon (though I'm tempted to purchase the one being sold for $6.66...)

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