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RPG Disclaimers - Bureau 13
Posted by WJWalton on Tue 15 of Dec., 2009 19:50 PST
At a certain point in the history of tabletop roleplaying games, the rumors and myths about the hobby became so bad that some game designers decided to add disclaimers to their games - either to protect themselves legally, or to illustrate how silly those rumors and myths really were.

In some cases it was likely a little of both, and often the author would take the opportunity to turn the claims around and show that rather than being dangerous, playing a roleplaying game could be very beneficial.

I've seen lots of them over the years, mostly in White Wolf rulebooks, but also in many others. Some took a succinct approach ("You are not a vampire."), while others were much more wordy and humorous.

My good friend Jason McCartan recently picked up a copy of the Bureau 13 - Stalking the Night Fantastic RPG from his local Half Price Books. While paging through it, he spotted a couple of disclaimers, and decided to scan both of them and send them to me.

These came from an RPG book that was first published in 1983. I'm not sure when the first RPG disclaimer was printed, or which book it appeared in, but I think that if this one isn't it, it's got to be pretty close.

Now, I've got an urge to go through all of my books to find the best disclaimers. What are your favorites? Do you know of any that predate Bureau 13? (Bonus points if you scan them and send them in, so I can share them here in the blog!)

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