Here are the rules & guidelines for posting to the Escapist blog comments, the Escapist forums, and the Escapist wiki:

- The Escapist is maintained as a family-friendly site, in most circumstances. There are occasional subjects that step outside of this definition (articles on real-life crime, for example, when they involve roleplayers or roleplaying). Please keep all comments and posts as family-friendly as possible, even when discussing these subjects.

- Posts should adhere to the topic at hand. Subjects can wander to a point, as they often do, and some subjects just devolve into humor over time. That is acceptable in most cases.

- The following subject matter is not permitted, under any circumstances. This includes discussion of and posting text, images, and links to such subject matter: Pornography, illegal drugs, extreme violence, and advertising.

Rules enforcement

Breaking of any of the above rules will be considered terms for suspension or banning, at the admin's discretion.

Rule changes

These rules can and will be updated at any time without notice. Please refer back to this page for updates.