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Texas school board claims D&D club promotes "death and violence"
Posted by WJWalton on Tue 12 of April, 2011 13:45 PDT
The school board of Taylor High School in Taylor, Texas made a proposition to end the schools Dungeons & Dragons club because they feel it is unwholesome - but the club's sponsor, Mr. Gray, has risen to the game's defense by pointing out the game's benefits:

Let’s be real. In the realm of sports and clubs that one could participate in, the Dungeons and Dragons club isn’t exactly the “hippest” option. It’s a fantasy game based on created characters and imaginary quests, and although apparently addicting, it’s relatively harmless. However, late last week, the School Board made a proposition to end the D&D club based on the belief that it “promotes death and violence”.

Those who play the game maintain that it has no such effect. D&D sponsor Mr. Gray said, “They are ignoring all the good things that it promotes like team building and critical problem solving. Plus, a lot of the kids playing lack social skills and it provides a safe setting for them to feel accepted.”

Thankfully, the issue is under review, and it looks like the situation is going to be handled in a mature and responsible manner - some members of the board are planning to sit in on a game before making their decisions.

Read the full article here: School Board Proposes to End the Dungeons and Dragons Club

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