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More Occupy roleplayers in Philly
Posted by WJWalton on Thu 01 of Dec., 2011 05:47 PST
Kotaku brings us the story - with a great picture - of another group of Dungeons & Dragons players at an Occupy protest, this time in Philadelphia. Read all about it here.

One Escapist reader was kind enough to point out that I didn't give a sufficient disclaimer the last time I posted about roleplayers at Occupy events. So here goes: In posting this, no endorsement or support of the Occupy protests is expressed or implied, and the information is only provided as part of the purpose of this website, which is to display references to roleplaying games in the real world, as sort of a "cultural acceptance" of RPGs. Dissenting views would be given equal time, if and when they are found by myself or submitted by others. (In fact, references to roleplaying games by conservatives have been covered on this site in the past, such as when Ann Coulter defended D&D, and a blogger on John McCain's staff derided gamers.)

That should do it. Now please mentally copy and paste the above paragraph on all future Escapist blog posts, replacing "Occupy events" with the appropriate subject. It will save me a lot of typing. Thanks!

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