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Mazes and Monsters... the band?
Posted by WJWalton on Fri 06 of Jan., 2012 07:34 PST
First it was a mediocre novel capitalizing on a sensationalized news story about the disappearance of a Dungeons & Dragons player. Then it was a lousy made-for-television movie on CBS (based on that mediocre novel) that was only good for helping launch Tom Hanks' career (and making a lot of parents extra paranoid over what games their kids were playing).

And now it's... Mazes and Monsters, an indie band from Augusta, Georgia. They're not bad either, if you're into ambient indie rock. I'm not sure why they chose the title, but I'm guessing they were up late rehearsing and one of them switched on the TV just in time to see Robbie searching for The Great Hall. That's usually how these sorts of things happen.

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