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Random article table: Braille Dice, Navy Seal LARP, and two new celeb gamers
Posted by WJWalton on Tue 21 of Aug., 2012 06:59 PDT
It's that time again when I realize I'm behind on posting relevant RPG articles, and have to compile them all into one post whilst making a clever reference to random encounter tables from classic RPGs. So dig those percentile dice out of your battered Crown Royal bag and roll on the following table:

- I've heard of people making Braille dice before, to help provide people with vision impairments the satisfaction of rolling and reading their own dice, but I'm not sure they've been available in any configuration other than the basic d6. Now there's a Kickstarter project that aims to make a full set of Braille polyhedrals available, and it could really use a boost. I know there are lots of dice collectors out there who would love to have a set just for the novelty of it, and every pledge they get goes to a good cause. Visit their Kickstarter page at

- Bin Laden killed repeatedly in a Minnesota Navy Seal LARP: The title says it all, really. Not much more I can add to that, beyond the link.

- Celeb gamer - Anderson Cooper: In a recent "Ridiculist" segment about China banning movies and television shows about time travel, fantasy, and mythical stories, Anderson Cooper made a brief nod to his gamer geek past - or it could have just been one of his writers poking a little fun.
"Now as a former Dungeons & Dragons nerd, I can tell you that this is disturbing to me on a very deep, personal level. No fantasy, no mythical stories? What would I do with my multi-sided die and level 6 orc powers? And if you don't get the references it just means you probably played outdoors as a child and actually had friends."

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

Strange... my first game of D&D was played with three friends (one of them was even a GIRL!), and we played outdoors. I must have been doing it wrong.

- Celeb gamer - Nick Offerman: A site called Uproxx informs us that the Parks and Recreation actor was a Call of Cthulhu LARP enthusiast while in college who won several awards for his participation, and is even credited in the Call of Cthulhu silent film. Uproxx also informs us that anyone knowing what Call of Cthulhu is needs to get a life. Here's the link.

And again, I'm doing it wrong. I've definitely heard of "The Call of Cthulhu," but had no idea who Nick Offerman was. (I don't get to watch very much television these days.) Now that I've read about him on Wikipedia and his personal site, I see that he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Oh, and Uproxx? It's just "Cthulhu," not "THE Cthulhu." Get a life.

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