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Whatever you do, don't play D&D professionally...

Posted by WJWalton on Thu 26 of April, 2012 04:44 PDT
In "So, What Do You Do?," Huffington Post contributor Emile Hirsch discusses the frequent use of occupation as a conversational topic and how some find it offensive and superficial.

There's a grave danger, Hirsch explains, in waiting until someone offers this information to you, rather than asking for it up front - you may find yourself in a casual conversation with a criminal, or something worse:

When does it become appropriate in a conversation to inquire as to what the person you are talking to does with the bulk of his or her time? Ever? Or should the person simply disclose the information on their own time — although, if this were the case, you would probably be slightly more at risk for fraternizing with criminals and professional Dungeons and Dragons players more than you might feel comfortable with. Most will tend to excuse themselves from saying "I like to deal meth out of my mom's basement," or "I like to hustle knights in my mom's basement" when asked the question.

Of course, since there is no such thing as a "Professional Dungeons and Dragons player," I guess there's not really anything to be offended about here - it's just another case of someone who can't let go of an old, tired meme.

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