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Robbery suspect arrested at a D&D event

Posted by WJWalton on Wed 06 of Oct., 2010 16:00 PDT
Police in Boulder, Colorado took their own attack of opportunity when some internet research revealed that a suspected bank robber would be attending a Dungeons & Dragons event.

Aaron Klug was being investigated for a bank robbery and a string of vehicle break-ins when his profile on a registry site for Dungeons & Dragons Encounters events was discovered. Police set up surveillance at the event and arrested him without incident. Two other gamers at the event told reporters that Klug was about to be banned from the game for disruptive behavior,

Klug's opinions about 4th edition D&D were apparently important to this story, as Deb Stanley at 7NEWS included the following from Klug's profile: "I like (Dungeons & Dragons) 4.0 because of the PRO combat style and it really gives me a chance to Kill (sic) everything." She also points out that Klug joined the group the same day that the robbery occurred.

Longmont robbery suspect arrested at Dungeons and Dragons event -

Fantasy Game Player Arrested In Real-Life Robbery -

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