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Random Article Table: Big Bang Theory, celeb gamers, murder retrial, Google+, and more

Posted by WJWalton on Tue 11 of Oct., 2011 10:05 PDT
Sheldon Rolls Dice with the Universe - I missed the most recent episode of Big Bang Theory, but from what I hear, the episode began with the group playing a game of D&D, and continued with Sheldon using his gaming dice to make all of his life decisions. I'm hoping to catch it in reruns.

YA Author was a "secret gamer" - In an interview for the Daily Herald, Paul Talbot, author of the young adult novel Wizard Magic, discusses his childhood interest in fantasy, and how he was able to work around a parental ban on Dungeons & Dragons:
In the late '80s as Dungeons and Dragons grew in popularity, Talbot's parents deemed it as "bad" and Talbot and his brother Adam Talbot were banned from playing the game. However, creating fantasy worlds was what Talbot did best, so he and Adam created their own role-playing game.

"My brother came up with the character's race, class and the types of monsters while I thought up the spells and magic items," he said.

They referred to their game as "A.P's Quest" or "Adam and Paul's Quest."

Read more here.

John C. Reilly and his D&D past - Actor John C. Reilly briefly mentions how he founded the Dungeons & Dragons club at his high school in an interview for MovieFone: article here.

New Evidence in Savannah murder case - The Savannah Morning News brings us the story of new evidence found in the 1992 murder case of Marine veteran Stanley Jackson. The three suspects, Mark Jones, Kenneth Gardiner and Dominic Lucci, were called "thrill seekers" by prosecutor David Lock, who also said that the three were "acting out a scenario from the game Dungeons and Dragons." Now the sole eyewitness to the crime has come forward to claim that he was never able to identify the suspects, and other facts about Jackson's murder have raised questions about the guilt of the three suspects. Read the full story here.

Something fun for once - Southern California attorney Burt Likko (not his real name) has been asked by some friends to run a role-playing game for them. Rather than go with a published RPG system, Burt has opted to create his own RPG rules, and is asking his readers what they like to see in a set of roleplaying rules. Hopefully, there will be future updates on his progress - I personally think it would be interesting to see the developments as a lawyer sets about creating a set of RPG rules. Read more here.

Google+ gets the D&D test - This is a totally biased opinion: The true test of any new tech gadget is how it can help you play Dungeons & Dragons. Over at DigitalTrends, they put Google's new social network, Google+ to the ultimate test: Read about it here.

And lastly, I have two excellent stories from university newspapers about roleplaying. In Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas, the Baker Orange has a story about the Baker Vniversity Lifeless Langvage Association (BVLLA), a language club that hosts the occasional LARP event. (link), and from Dixie State College in Utah, the Dixie Sun has a great article about their Dungeons & Dragons club: (link).

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