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Broken Links


I believe all the Pandahead links in Adventurer's Atlas for Meddling Kids are broken. It seems like the game is dead and out of print, although the link to Amazon still works.



New broken links. Found in the Mazes and Monsters section of Basic Gaming FAQ. The links to the FAQ Encyclopedia are broken. The links should be and in order of appearance in the text of the last paragraph. The existing links seem to have a date folder structure added to them. The Mazes and Monsters Fansite link works fine.

Found a new broken link. The "RPG a documentary" link on the left sidebar only works from the main page. All other pages seem to add a subdirectory "/blog/" between domain and page. The page is at


All fixed! Thanks a bunch!

- Bill

I found the last link in Terra Libris Articles & Blogs (Start a Dungeons & Dragons campaign @ your library. It's easy!) is broken. The blog seems to be gone.

The link about Gaming news at the ALA seems broken and the pages gone, but I did find this link instead This looks like a gaming resources wiki for libraries.

After further poking around the ALA gaming news looks like it's moved to a blog here:

Hope that helps,

> Do you want me to keep posting broken links as I find them?
> Thanks,
> JJ

That would be great! Thanks!

Do you want me to keep posting broken links as I find them?


I believe I've got everything fixed now. Thanks for the updated links!

I've been meaning to revamp that entire page. One of these days, I may even get around to it.

Darn, all the links for Broomstix in the same section are broken too. Looks like Jared changed his site around:

Bromstix page:
PDF version:
Character sheet:


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