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Tabletop and live-action roleplaying games have been the subject of films and television shows for some time now - from the first television airing of Mazes & Monsters, to the more recent LARP documentaries Darkon and Monster Camp.

This section of The Escapist focuses on the films and shows that focus on the roleplaying hobby, whether they are about gamers (such as The Gamers or Fellowship of the Dice), based on settings and characters from RPGs (such as Kindred: The Embraced) or documentaries on the hobby and its participants (such as Darkon or Dungeon Masters).

Here you'll find news on upcoming gamer films and shows, reviews of DVDs, and a section of online gaming films that can be found on YouTube and other media sites.

THE LIST - An ever-growing list of films and shows about RPGs and/or LARPs.
REVIEWS - My opinion (for what it's worth) of some of the DVDs and videotapes I've collected over the years.
ONLINE FILMS - Films you can watch right here, right now.