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Rating System

0 dice - The worst. Ever.
1 die - Very poor
2 dice - Not so bad
3 dice - Good
4 dice - Very good
5 dice - Excellent

Total Score
No dice - the worst imaginable score
5 dice - might be good for mocking
10-13 dice - (average) a renter
15 dice - don't miss it
20 dice - a keeper
25 dice - the best possible score

Movies and shows in the EVMRR are rated in five categories - Story, Characters, Laughs & Gasps, References & Reality, and Bonus Dice. Each category is given a score of 0 to 5 dice, and at the end of the review, the dice are totaled in a "dice bag," which is the film's final score.

STORY - This category reflects the quality of the general story and plotline, outside of how well it meets with the criteria of the setting or how accurately gaming and gamers are portrayed (that subject is covered in References & Reality).

CHARACTERS - The 'likeability' (or 'dislikeability', if intended) of the characters, how well they're portrayed, and how well they play off of each other.

LAUGHS & GASPS - The LOLs and OMGs. Movies and shows are meant to invoke emotions, so this category is rated based on how well the media does just that - inspires any sort of verbal utterance that it intended to. (Laughing AT the movie doesn't count, but for many of us, it's still a reason to see it!)

REFERENCES & REALITY - This addresses the portrayal of RPGs. If it's a film or show about gamers, this rating will reflect how well the film gets things right - in general, portraying games and gamers in a realistic way, while avoiding the common myths and legends about them. If it's a film or show based on a game setting, like the Dungeons & Dragons movies or the Vampire television series, this rating will reflect how true it sticks to that setting. (It may sound nitpicky, but that's the way most gamers like it!)

BONUS DICE - Sometimes, the extra touches make up for shortcomings in other areas, such as a great special effects sequence, or an outstanding extra feature on a DVD. Bonus dice are awarded for these sorts of things, in any amount from zero to five dice, along with an explanation of why they are being doled out. Not getting any Bonus Dice isn't a bad thing, it's just a recognition of anything good about a film or show that may not fall under any of the other categories.

Like any review system, it isn't very scientific. It's no CAPAlert, certainly, but it should give a fairly clear idea to any gamer if a particular movie or show is worth buying or renting. If you strongly disagree, or have some suggestions to make it better, I'd love to hear them - email me at

Dungeon Rubber (2003)
Fellowship of the Dice (2005)
Gamerz (2005)
Gamesmaster, Gamesmaster, What Have You Done? (1999/2004) 
Geekin': Love, Jealousy, and Twenty-Sided Dice (2006)
Über Goober (2004)
Dungeons & Dragons cartoon DVD set (2007)
Futurama: Bender's Game (2008)
The Gamers (2002)
Skullduggery (1983)