Where does the music go?

We listen to it.  
It comes out of the instruments as they are played, and from the voices of the singers.  
It comes out of speakers as they receive the electronic signals that are decoded into the sounds we want to hear.

We listen.  We enjoy.  
When itís over, we clap and cheer
(if itís polite and appropriate to do so).

But where does that music go?

Does it have a life of its own?

What if it did?

What if music could travel into a dimension harmonically attuned to our own, where it could take its own sentient form?  
What if the songs we hear could shape living beings, beautiful places, and world-shattering events?  
What if a simple note could build an empire, or a chord could start a war?

What if an entire universe existed that was created and formed by the music we enjoy?

Wouldnít that make for a cool game?