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Title: Poke-Crime Sweeps Nation! Kinda.

Source: Another Universe, 12/11/99

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Poke-Crime Sweeps Nation! Kinda.
Matt Brady, Contributing Editor

Paws up Pikachu! Spread 'em Snolax! 

Not quite... 

While reports of violence over Pokemon cards have been reported for the past few weeks, media flacks are still making a stink over other Pokemon-associated violence. A few examples: 

On Thursday, a North Carolina man was charged with assault for allegedly punching a Burger King cashier after he did not get a Pokemon toy with his meal. 

At Philadelphia's Wilson Middle School on Monday, two boys punched and threw a trash can at an 11-year-old boy in a bathroom. The attackers ran off with two Pokemon cards and 75 cents. They were charged with robbery and suspended for five days. 

Tony Ward's 10-year-old son and his friend were robbed of $60 worth of cards last Sunday in Philadelphia. 

In the last week in Philadelphia, four children from one middle school were arrested for attacking other students to steal Pokemon cards. 

A 14-year-old student in Quebec was recently stabbed during a fight over the cards. 
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