Below are links to samples of my writing, artwork, and web design. If you would like to contact me about your project, my email address is wjwalton@yahoo.com



Writing samples

Technical writing

- Tech manual for Milford Fertilizer / Agway Agronomy - 10 sample pages of technical writing work, in PDF format. Click here to download.

Magazine Writing

- From 2000-2003, I wrote two regular columns for the UK-based adventure gaming magazine Valkyrie - News From The Trenches and Saints and Sinners. In a reader poll conducted in 2001, the columns were rated the two most popular columns in the entire magazine. Both columns ran steady until Valkyrie folded in 2003. Below are links to the archived columns on the Valkyrie website.

News from the Trenches
Saints and Sinners

Creative writing / Blogging

- A Month of Sundays, Chapter 3 - a sample chapter from my collection of short stories.

- Parts Unknown is a music blog and podcast that I update regularly.

- Livejournal posts: I've maintained a LiveJournal since 2003. Below are some of the better examples of my casual writing style.

Push the little daisies and make 'em come up
Rule of thumb
The worstest tooth fairy ever
They say it's her birthday...
They say it's her birthday, part 2

One LiveJournal community, Rabbit Hole Day, celebrates the life of Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, by encouraging LJ users to post to their journals as if they're experiencing events similar to Alice's. Below are links to my Rabbit Hole Day entries, which also include a few illustrations.

Rabbit Hole Day 2005 (index of 10 entries)
Rabbit Hole Day 2006 - part 1 | part 2


Art / graphic design samples


- deviantArt gallery - Many samples of my digital illustration, sketches, watercolors, and other work.


Web design samples


- The Escapist - My gaming advocacy project, regularly updated and constantly redesigned since 1995.

- The Young Person's Adventure League - A side project of The Escapist, with a radically different page design. This site's design combines digital work with traditional artwork (watercolor illustrations).

- awkwardlabs.com - Opening page for this site. Currently under construction.

- Hyde Environmental, Inc - A web site I designed for a client in 2006. All text and photos were supplied by the client - only the web design is my work.