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Your name: Joe Bryant Rixman
Location: Pacific Southwest
Age: 41
Sex: Male

Family: Mom and Dad, Uncle and Aunt + 3 cousins. My current “family” includes my best friend and his partner. I live with them, eat with them, watch I Love Lucy with them…so they’re family as far as I’m concerned.

Pets: A miniature American Eskimo named Jessie, A long-haired bitch of a cat named Chloe and a short-haired psycho-vampire kitty named Miranda.

Religion: Spiritual, but on an individual level…organized religion just doesn’t work for me in any way shape or form.

Political party/affiliation: Liberal, though mostly moderate, as I find extremists to be much too nasty and tempermental for my tastes.

Education: Daniel Murphy High School (an all-boys Catholic school), Los Angeles City College (for my 3-year AA in general ed), Cal State Northridge (for my one year parental breakaway year…joined the greatest international fraternity in the world Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and proceeded to come out of my shell…so much so that I was kicked out of the university for poor grades and went on to join the military), Cal State San Bernardino (where I got my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and met my best friend of 14 years).

Hobbies/Activities: Writing, reading, listening to film scores, traveling to
places I’ve never been or just HAVE to go to again and again (like Hawaii),
socializing with other creative types, watching movies and making movies,
specifically, writing, directing and producing them.

Community service: (homeless shelters, animal rescue, etc) Project
Jason (www.projectjason.org) is my one deep non-selfish passion.

What is your favorite section of the newspaper? The sports section. I
am a baseball fanatic and can’t get enough stories and statistics on the sport.

What is the most frightening thing you've ever done? Walk with three friends into a cave situated halfway up a steep mountain and walk through it until we peeked out from the top of the mountain. It was only a couple hundred feet of diagonal climb, but it was in complete darkness and we heard snakes slithering and bats rustling. WHAT WERE WE THINKING???

What is your favorite time of year, and why? October specifically. It never fails, for some odd reason. Once October hits, something changes. The air becomes crisp, as if anticipating the chill of winter. The sky seems a deeper blue and the world seems much sharper and in focus. The nights are cool and the days pleasant. October is the bomb!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be more spontaneous…quicker about making decisions and not just sitting around waiting for things to happen, but doggedly pursuing every single possibility that came along to its conclusion.

What makes you cry? Stories about kindness…people doing things purely for the benefit of others, the passionate display of love in the face of tragedy, the strength of the human spirit.

If you could have one superpower, which power would you pick? If I had one power, it would be the ability to find whatever I wanted to. For example, I would make it my life’s mission to find missing persons. There is no greater horror on Earth than to have a family member disappear without a trace, without any answers as to how and why. On a more mundane note, I’d be able to find my best friend’s keys for him, which he loses, much to my distraction, at least three times a week.

What did you want to be when you grew up? An X-Man or a Starship Captain.

If you could pick any other time period to live in - including the future - which would it be, and why? Definitely the future. At heart, I am an explorer. I would travel to distant worlds, map them, explore then, experience new environments and, perhaps, beings and cultures. The joy of traveling to parts unknown. Where do I buy my ticket?

What is the one thing you want to do before you die? Direct a big budget Hollywood movie…or twenty.

Tell us about your favorite RPG character that you've ever played.
With D&D, I like playing magic users, mostly as they are pretty much
coddled as newbies and feared as experienced characters. I played a
magic-user once that tried to bend the laws of physics by using an energy
shield as a bridge to cross a field of lava. My DM got very annoyed with
me and killed me off. I was not amused. I loved White Wolf’s Vampire:
The Masquerade
game and considered myself a Toreador in good
standing. As a werewolf, I was a Silent Strider and as a Mage, I was
an Ecstacy Cultist. Present Day Vampire Requiem seems me as a
Mekhet Crone. Have not played the new Werewolf or Mage. Promethean
looks interesting though!

What are your favorite RPGs? D&D, Eberron and Vampire

What was your first RPG session like? Horrible. I didn’t know what I was doing and no one wanted to take the time to teach me.

What was your WORST RPG session like? See above. I died very quickly, got bored and left as no one seemed interested in having
me there.

Who is your all-time favorite person to game with? My best friend, because he’s smart and creative.

Do you have anything gaming-related to plug? I would love to find gamers in my area that are near my age and have similar interests…or gamers out of the area who are willing to cybergame in similar interests. As a dear friend of mine is on the Promethean development team, I’d LOVE to see everyone I know and don’t know give the game a try!


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