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Name: Brennan Gabriel Bishop (although sometimes it’s Gabreil depending on how well I’m spelling my name nowadays)
Location: Victoria, BC Canada. Upstairs while the fam sleeps downstairs.
Age: 24 for the time being.
Sex: I’m a dude!

Family: My mom lives alone on the other side of a big park after my dad died last winter. She’s re-doing the lawn and the entire house I grew up in. My sister has fancy hair and a sharp tongue. She’s four years older than me and I’ll let you do the basic math. My Brother is eight years older and he works on the special effects you kids see in movies these days. He’s working on Saw III right now much to his eye rollings.

Pets: We’ve got a humongous cat named Charlie after Mr. Chaplin. We debated calling him Churchill after that heroic guy in World War two, but this was more appropriate.

Religion: I’ve actually just shifted religious beliefs actually. I’m starting up as a novice Chaos mage. Not a whole lot to tell there really other than ‘Witchy looking’ Glyphs that have started to appear on my desktop. I use my powers for good and to fight crime currently. Other than that, I’m a non-practicing Taoist.

Political party/affiliation: I vote Green every time, and every time I am unsurprised that they lose. I don’t really like a lot of their points, but I don’t vote for who I want in, I vote for who I wouldn’t hate seeing in.

Education: I’m studying English. Badly. My dreams of what I want to be when I
grow up include: Frustrated at my inability to write coherently and older.

Just to test the stereotype - Have you ever lived, or are you currently
living, in your parents' basement?
The first place I moved out into was
SOMEone’s basement. Nice place, but we couldn’t afford the rent after our
roommates exploded.

What is the most frightening thing you've ever done? Stood up for myself. It’s a
scary thing to do when you have the choice not to but do anyway.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?
By weekend I assume you mean the time where I’m not working. Which is today. I’m writing right now before I go play violent video games where you get cash prizes depending on how badly you hurt other people. That’s a good healthy hobby, right?

Which of your accomplishments are you the most happy with? Getting my life to the point where it is. My parents like who I am, I like who I am, and I’ve got a wonderful girlfriend and a wee kiddo who sometimes looks up to me. It’s strange, but the world I live in makes me happy.

What was your first word? I was the third kid so no one really paid attention when I stood on my own, spoke, or played with power-tools until I hurt someone else’s child.

What is your favorite word? At this very instant? Onomatopoeia. Nothing says ridiculous like a word that describes a sound-effect.

How many languages do you speak? One and an eighth. Spanish was taken, fallen asleep during, and scraped by with a passing grade through copious cheating, finagling, and downright luck.

What is your favorite time of year, and why? Winter. I love the cool air, the stuff that passes for snowfall in this part of the world, and the fact that my job is seasonal and I get it off.

What is your most prized physical possession? My visa card? It allows me to get other prized physical possessions!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I’d like to be smarter. I mean, I’m not stupid or anything, but I’d just like to be smarter.

Did you have any embarrassing nicknames as a kid? I had one in high school. Juice wizard. I got this because my mother (yeah, even in high school. I was a lazy, lazy kid) would make my lunches with grape juice boxes in em’ and instead of chucking them out like a regular citizen, I piled them up in my locker. Eventually it got to the point that my backpack wouldn’t fit in there and I got my picture in the underground school newspaper. I took them home and ants attacked the house. It was a classic, “You threw them away?! Why?! How could you!?” moment until I learnt that the ants were willing to destroy all of civilization to get to them.

What was your favorite toy as a child? I had a broken “Light sword” that was a cheap rip off of a Star Wars toy. It glowed in the dark, and leaned to one side. But if I had to go to the bathroom in the dark, it became a +5 holy avenger of evil bumpitties in the night holding-backer.

What makes you cry? Thinking about my dad hard enough will get a tear out of my every damn time.

What is your favorite section of the newspaper? I only read the comics. There’s a huge pile of them at work. I discard the rest as it doesn’t involve my little world.

Do you have a useless talent that no one else that you know can do? If I’m really cold or hot, I can give a good shake and my temperature just sort of adjusts. Poof. I’m neutral again.

What are three things you can't live without? Love, electricity, and free time.

If you could have one superpower, which power would you pick? Walking through things. That’s just so cool and I’d use it so stupidly.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A fire engine. It’s even in my yearbook from elementary school. I was a weird kid.

What is your favorite mode of transportation? I dig walking but I’m one of those “I don’t have the time for walking! I go to work in 36 hours!” kind of people.

If you could pick any other time period to live in - including the future - which would it be, and why? Waaaaay back. We had a crazy animal instinct at one point and we just pushed it under. I’d like to see more of how we are attracted to each other through the size of our pancreases (It’s true!)

What is one thing that you regret that you would go back and change if you could? Ouch. My sister had a birthday party and I had the choice of going to the museum with just my dad, or going to the pool with my sister and all her friends that didn’t like me. Of course, I went to the pool and was miserable. For the rest of my life, I swear that if I chose to go with my dad, we would’ve had a really different relationship. He had such a hurt look in his eyes. Now I feel bad.

What is the one thing you want to do before you die? Tell a terrible joke on my deathbed.

You've just purchased a small island off the coast of any continent of your choosing, and you are preparing to start your own country there. What does your flag look like? Either the yellow sign from Call of Cthulhu, or a sigil I made up.

Tell us about your favorite RPG character that you've ever played.
Ever? Well, that’s a big question. I mean, I’ve got my well-meaning nun who
turned into a wendigo (Too many people in her diet), the split-personality
cyborg, the kinder with four pages of equipment (including three other
player-characters'), the walking stomach, and even an evil lawyer with an
occasional good streak. However, all in all, I’d probably have to say James
Decker. Thief extraordinaire. Instead of using the traditional small
weapons that thieves usually use to defend themselves, James used a
pole arm and an archer’s shield. And in GURPS, that’s a whole lot of being
difficult to kill.

Apparently, I had a look when I played this character and I hatched and idea. The GM could see it in my facial expression. Politely put, James was a professional back-stabbing conniving wretch. I recall fondly dragging an unconscious mage of whom we needed for a magical ritual back to our companions when a flying gargoyle thing caught up to me and my vampire companion. “Well,” She said, “Looks like we’ve got no where to run to.” As she turned to fight the thing that had been pursuing us. I sighed and agreed.

Plopping the mage down, I faced the charging beastie and looked mean. As soon as my vampire friend had declared her action of rushing towards in to engage in hand-to-hand combat, I picked up the magic user and hoofed it yet again leaving her to fight the monster on her own. Like I said, he was a professional.

One of his ‘finer’ moments was probably when we as a group were run out of town. Again. For the fourth time. In a row. And yes, they were different towns and I’m not exaggerating. I had recently lost nearly all my worldly possessions when lava managed to sneak up on us while we were a little busy and I was busy swearing revenge upon the townsfolk as we rode off on our stolen horses. I was going to say, “You will know my name and fear me for I am James the Great!” But having recently lost off my hair (Wizards. What can you do?), I yelled out “…For I am James the bald!” From then on I was known by a few names by a few different towns. A fine example of what sort of character you can get when they start off so normal.

What are your favorite RPGs? All the ones I don’t have yet. I LOVE Delta Green, but Amazon hasn’t shipped me the core book yet so I can’t really play it. Unknown Armies is amazing, but again, Amazon and that core rulebook. I’ve really gotten into Godlike and Nemesis, but haven’t tried them out too much. Other than that, Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, Angel/Buffy, and Adventure!, really are what I’m playing these days.

What was your first RPG session like? Oh god. I wrote a whole story about it. It was awful. I dragged my brother’s gaming group down to a halt so bad he offered to run a separate game just for me later. I played an elf with less personality than a stale cracker from a "choose your own adventure" book. Blobs were ran from.

What was your WORST RPG session like? Well, I called out a buddy of mine on the money he owed me. He fed me the same excuse he had been handing me for the past two years as I had been starving so I left. That one sucked pretty hard.

Who is your all-time favorite person to game with? Oh crap. My games are so varied as everyone there pitches in on all sorts of different levels. I’ve got the quiet guy who blows you away when you least expect it, the true-blue hero, the ninja, the guy who makes wacked out characters but plays them so well that it’s fun, the guy who was awesome but moved away, and my girlfriend. Who is many of the above. I love my girlfriend and she plays a whole bunch of characters with different stuff going on well and I look foreword to that goth girl in Cthuthulu she plays continuing story. I place money on her going nuts.

Do you have anything gaming-related to plug? I’m writing an adventure for this “Godsend Agenda” thing. It’s exciting! I’m getting paid to write! That’s like, three dreams coming true. www.godsendagenda.com - but my stuff ain’t there yet.


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