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Your name: William S. Hillard
Location: Kentucky
Age: 31
Sex: Male

Family: I'm married, with three kids.

Pets: We have Buddy, our pet Cockatiel, and Elizabeta, our pet tarantula.

Religion: None

Education: I've my High School diploma, but after that I'm largely self-taught.

Hobbies/Activities: Reading, writing, refurbishing old computers, pro wrestling

Community service: I've created a website for my hometown, cityoflivermore.net

Just to test the stereotype - Have you ever lived, or are you currently living, in your parents' basement? No, nor would I have any desire to.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend? I usually spend it with my kids, playing videogames. I also use that time to see my mother and sister.

What is the most frightening thing you've ever done?
Why? What have you heard?

Which of your accomplishments are you the most happy with?
The cityoflivermore.net website, and my role in playtesting the WWE
Know Your Role

What was your first word? I'm not sure. Probably "food".

What is your favorite word? Steel chair.

How many languages do you speak? English and Trash.

What is your favorite time of year, and why? Don't have a favorite. As long as I'm alive, it's all good.

What is your most prized physical possession? My collection of wrestling DVD's.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I'd be less ugly.

Did you have any embarassing nicknames as a kid? Preacher Bill (I used to be a real stick-in-the-mud), Dunlap (for obvious reason) and Hitler (a play on my last name).

What was your favorite toy as a child? It was a tossup between He-Man and Transformers.

What makes you cry? Nothing. Why? What have you heard?!

What is your favorite section of the newspaper? I rarely read the newspaper. It's depressing. When I do, I look for the computer tips in the Sunday paper.

Do you have a useless talent that no one else that you know can do? I'm an amateur wrestling historian. Nobody else I know cares enough to try to pick up this useless talent.

What are three things you can't live without? My family, my computer, and my cokes.

If you could be one superhero, which hero would you be? I'd be the Juggernaut. And then I'd go pay a visit it Vince McMahon.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A soldier.

What is your favorite mode of transportation? My feet.

If you could pick any other time period to live in - including the future - which would it be, and why? I'm not sure. I don't think I could live in the past, and the future promises to be scary. I think I'll stay right here, thank you.

What is one thing that you regret that you would go back and change if you could? I have too many of those to pick just one.

What is the one thing you want to do before you die? Make a name for myself.

You've just purchased a small island off the coast of any continent of your choosing, and you are preparing to start your own country there. What does your flag look like? Whatever it looks like, it will have a picture of a steel chair on it.

If you could talk to anybody famous, who would it be? I'd love to talk to Stephen King. His knowlege concerning writing would be invaluable.

Tell us about your favorite RPG character that you've ever played. I don't have a favorite character. They're all neurotic.

What are your favorite RPGs? Vampire: the Masquerade,
WWE Know Your Role.

What was your first RPG session like? What game did you play, and
where did you play it? Well, my step-brother had a copy of the D&D
Dungeonmaster's Guide from the Red Basic Set. I bugged him until he
ran a game for me. I was hooked.

What was your WORST RPG session like? 1st level characters, 20 HD fireballs (generated by powerful artifacts) and being reincarnated because the DM decided he didn't like my character. Never again.

Who is your all-time favorite person to game with? That's a tough one. I love playing with my wife, but outside of her I'd have to say everybody at my local game shop... when I can make it up there.

Do you have anything gaming-related to plug? If you're a fan of the WWE Know Your Role rpg, you should check out 1worldwrestling.org. I'll be posting more updates soon.


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