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Name: Doug Burke (a.k.a. "Dougals")
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Age: 36
Sex: Male

Family: I live with my wife (Aja) our kids (Greg, Morgan, Madison, Korben & Harleigh), who range in age from 8 years to 8 weeks old, and my brother (Randy).

Pets: Three cats (Blackie, Smokey and Circe)

Religion: Nonpracticing Catholic, First Disciple of the No Movement Movement (the world's laziest religion).

Political/Party Affiliation: None, really, although I tend to vote more Democrat and Libertarian...

Education: Finished High School, took some college and decided to concentrate on other things after a very frustrating experience with an eco-nazi instructor who thought "A Critical Introduction to Film" was the perfect platform for forcing her views on deforestation on people. ;-/

Hobbies/Activites: Reading, Drawing, Writing (short fiction), Star Trek, Star Wars, Collecting useless trivia.

Community Service: Proud member of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, and currently an officer (Leading Knight) at my local lodge.

Just to test the stereotype - Have you ever lived, or are you currently living, in your parents' basement? Yes. For about a year before I got married the first time.

Which of your accomplishments are you the most happy with? Providing the rough maps for Decipher's "Worlds" sourcebook for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game. My four years of service as Decipher's RPG Net Rep (hated how the company handled the line, but enjoyed helping folks out).

What is your favorite time of year, and why? Late spring. Because it's just right temperature wise and things seem to be looking up...

What is your most prized physical possession? Plastic Green Lantern ring autographed by Martin Nodell (GL's creator back in the 30's).

Do you have a useless talent that no one else that you know can do? Oh yeah. I can generally name any Star Trek or Star Trek TNG episode currently playing by epsiode name within 30 seconds.

If you could have one superpower - or be one superhero - which power would you pick, or which hero would you be? Single power: Superspeed. Super hero: Green Lantern.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A comic book artist.

If you could pick any time period to live in - including the future - which would it be and why? For novelty value, perhaps during World War II, although I'm too attached to my electronics to really live there. If I could be assured of a Star Trek-like future, I'd live there. Definitely.

What is the one thing you want to do before you die? Go to New York. Never been there and would love to go.

Tell us about your favorite RPG character that you've ever played. There are so many! And they're like my kids. I can't really pick a favorite. However, like a parent, some are slightly more favorite than others. I'd have to narrow it to two:

First, Shea O'Brion (male human warrior). First created 20 years ago for AD&D
1E, ported since to both 2E and 3E (now a Rog 1/Ftr 13/Rgr 2). Shea started
as a street punk, trained in galditorial games, took up adevnturing, founded his
own keep after clearing it of undead and ogres (but not undead ogres), lost his
wife and kids, moved to the Forgotten Realms and became an officer in the
Waterdeep Watch. I still use him as an NPC in my D&D games. Best quote: "My
sword is sharp, so I don't have to be!"

Secondly, Nork the Not-Dying. Started as a throw-away NPC in a AD&D 2E adventure
from Dungeon magazine who pleaded for his life so eloquently and heartbreakingly that the party adopted this goblin as their party mascot. Later got his hands on a Luck Blade with remaining wishes and through his own badly-worded wishes, became serially immortal (hence "the Not-Dying"). Has been a minotaur, centaur, quaggoth, sprite, pixie, kender, flind and ogre mage. Has a pure heart and slow way of speaking (although in goblinish, he's Sir Lawrence Olivier). once started an argument with a PC that lasted two-hours of playing time and ended with most of the party agreeing with Nork that the paladin was "da bad guy".

Memorable Quote: "Oh no! Me forget how make people see me!"

What are your favorite RPGs? Star Trek (Decipher's CODA System), Silver Age Sentinels, D&D.

What was your WORST RPG session like? Right after high school, I had a friend who couldn't separate "RPG" from "Self-crafted fan fiction". In Marvel Superheroes, we fought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and couldn't even give our own reactions to what was happening...

Who is your all-time favorite person to game with? Randy Burke (my brother), Len Streeper (best friend from high school, with a friendship old enough to drink), Don Mappin (one of the best GMs I've met) and Marc Jentzsch (Best. Roleplayer. Ever.).


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