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Your name: Chris Forbes Upton or alternatively Treeboy
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 17
Sex: Male

Religion:A practicing Spiritual Satanist, very much into improving the soul and spirit, Came before D&D and neither have any relation, in fact I play a Paladin often who aims to smite both Devils and Demons despite my beliefs, being a good person and all and D&D portraying them as evil.

Hobbies/Activities: A member of the "Charity" organisation the Sealed Knot, reenacting battles from the English civil war Part of Western division in the army of parliament and a Pikeman of Robartes regiment.

Because nothing proves you're a man more than getting into a block with a group of other people and doing the equivalent of smashing your head against a wall of metal whilst yelling battle chants. ;) Also do a full time course at college, currently doing BTEC National Diploma in Business with IT making my life difficult because I launched a complaint against them within the first 2 weeks for not letting me connect to the internet with my laptop and having every site I needed to look at for my course blocked, I think it's rather fair for me to do so, they haven't liked me since last year when I did it as a course choice heh a good showing of the poor teaching skills their was getting told everything i do is B******s using those words. (I'm sure the older audience can guess the missing word.)

Just to test the stereotype - Have you ever lived, or are you currently living, in your parents' basement? Nope, never, though we don't actually have a basement in my house so I guess I couldn't have fitted that really.

What is your favorite word? Well it's more two -"Magic Missile" I just love saying it, best spell out there.

What is your favorite way to spend a
Well one of a few options there
is of course an SK (Sealed Knot) event,
big events are always fun to see friends from
other regiments and my girlfriend whom I
met through it and started going out 4 months
ago. There is also spending my weekend with my
girlfriend herself and not surrounded by loads of
large sweaty people, though I do love them
specially my regiment, they claim to be a family
regiment but when we joined up we didn't think that
it meant everyone is actually related to each other bar a
few, but it's still all fun, I digressed so yeah girlfriend
Anna, Seeing her we'll watch movies, Play games, and do
other fun stuff, like soon I'm to teach her the art of D&D
and then more romantic things :) or alternatively (I think I
say that word way to much) there is our tabletop sessions
for D&D 3.5, none of the 4th edition stuff.

What is your favorite time of year, and why? Winter
definitely because I can wear my trenchcoat therefore getting the safe cosy feeling from that without overheating and just melting, it happens you know.

What is your most prized physical possession? Aforementioned trenchcoat, and the other 2, well mainly the leather ones, plastic just doesn't compete, and the current one has a nicer smell than the original after the incident during new years on the rare occasion that I would actually have anything alcoholic and decided it would be a good idea to not only drink my friends mix but to down the pint glass of it, this is why you shouldn't drink kids :)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? The world I live in. Does that really count? Not sure. Well if it's something about me myself specifically it'd be I'd like to be more confident and be able to stand up more for my beliefs rather than having to control and hide them for fear of being beaten and stabbed in this lovely lovely culture we live in now, one day I'll be the Paladin I dream of being.

Did you have any embarrassing nicknames as a kid? I've been through a lot of nicknames, though most of them were actually just insults towards me but now I've settled on Treeboy by my own choosing and my friends acceptance. It comes from a few years ago when my hair was poofy and stuck out in a sort of afro way, as curls do when they're at a certain length, Ringlets FTW!!! But yeah and being as tall as I am it just stuck, oh and I loved Lord of the Rings at the time, ahh yeah I watched the first one enough to be able to recite it word for word, well on mute anyway, have to have someway to jog my memory of the whole events of the 3 hour long movie, but I still think it's impressive.

What makes you cry? The thought of people I love being hurt, rape that being my most hated crime and swearing to kill anyone that does it if I can and know about it or if I witness it, Drug addiction, I hate drugs and smoking with a passion, It's something i just can't stand and don't understand how people can destroy their bodies like that, and become repulsive as they do it, because who honestly thinks that the smell of cigarette smoke or weed is a "Turn on"? It's just repulsive to be quite honest.

What are your pet hates? General injustice, suffering, smoking, drugs,people that sleep around, liars and backstabbers, 4th edition, generic MMORPGs *cough* Warcraft *cough* bullies, being patronised I honestly can't stand that, I'm not violent generally, well I am but I control it well, good old will save ;) but that really makes me want to hit that person, the ignorant, for example people that claim I'm evil because I'm a satanist and just say that the he's evil despite never actually having a look at any sources other than their religions approved ones, The crusades and the whole idea of killing other people because it's "What [Insert god's name] wants".

Tell us about your favorite RPG character that you've ever played. I'm not sure, my playing group as a whole has a favourite character of mine his name was Eric the Cleric. He added that great comedy value to our sessions, He never survived a full gaming session,
and he always got knocked unconscious at least once an encounter, the only thing
that kept him going through the 2 adventures we did was his amulet.

It was a special magic item just for him, he cast a spell into it and whenever
he went into negative hit points it cast the spell on him or in the area in case of
area effect, this was very useful for storing curing spells, due to his very poor
survival record.

I think in total he died or came really close 8 times, including such incidents as being
beaten to a bloody pulp by animated doors after being pushed into a room of an
obvious trap that the party had all fallen for, I mean really why would anyone with half a
brain listen to a cultist of the same type that we'd been fighting throughout the adventure
that has just asked for help in dealing with a problem and he wants us to enter the room
and he'll "Be right behind us" because "He's a spellcaster and likes to stay at the back", this
is exactly why when your party has a half orc barbarian with 6 intelligence you don't let him make the decisions for the party and why you should listen to me.

Another involved being petrified, and also the joyous one of having my ribcage caved in by a maul to have it fix itself with the divine magic in my amulet.

The other option I could go for is Christian Darkheart the roasty toasty Blackguard, a kind and helpful person that everyone loved, despite the fact he was supposed to be some supreme evil guy everyone still thought he was a paladin, even with the bag of severed heads on his back with which he did a puppet show, apparently my good deeds outweighed that though. He was a top contender for my favourite character for just the sheer amount of damage he dealed to everyone around him (Allies and himself included) scoring the highest damage ever amongst our party dealing 87 damage with a single hit and slicing clean through a pleasure devil and also most damage done to friend or self with which he imbedded his greatsword deep into his leg causing 47 damage which was over half his max hp then next round winning the coolest comeback award by wrenching the greatsword out of his leg and doing the parties first massive damage attack by slicing a black spawn riders face off and with a 59 damage attack and finishing it off by bringing the greatsword back around and through the creatures neck.

Amongst other things such as dodging a blow from a hill giant and diving underneath it and stabbing his sword through its under jaw and then pulling it through the creatures neck, covering himself in blood claiming the kill in the name of the god of slaughter, whilst the city we were defending cheered and still thought he was a Paladin. All of these of course being Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

What are your favorite RPGs? Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, The World of Darkness, specifically Werewolf the Forsaken and Vampire the Masquerade, some new and old there for you, D20 Modern is pretty fun too, well the game I'm in at the moment, it's a zombie one based in a island city, being played on a PbP site Salroth

What was your first RPG session like? First RPG I ever played was D&D though I quickly got into World of Darkness soon after, I played a Half-Elf Cleric named Treeboy, who is to date still my most competent character I've ever made, we played it at my friends house the person that I asked to teach me and who did though initially he thought I was just doing it as a joke but that was about 3 years ago now and I'm still playing and he's turned into one of my best friends and now also my DM.

We were playing the adventure "Forge of Fury" and we were about half way through when I joined in, straight off I proved useful by the Half Dragon barbarian showing off and getting pummeled into the ground so I healed it, my first rolls were a natural 20 and then an 8 on a d8 it was a good start and it's all gone down hill from there :P I went on in subsequent sessions to finally kill the druid who was another players character and he wanted him dead so I obliged and coup de graced him with a heavy mace to the head while he was unconscious and made a deal with the same player's rogue, then double crossing the rogue and killing him too, he got grappled by an animated carpet which wrapped itself around him so I "accidentally" starting hitting said carpet with my mace doing nothing to the carpet and just bludgeoning the rogue trapped inside, and stealing their equipment and of course a body part from each to help in the creation of my flesh golem, which never was because we changed to my friend DMing before it ever happened.

What was your WORST RPG session like? Roleplaying with a guy I hated with a passion though my DM liked, this guy would sit there and insult everything I did or said at every possible opportunity, even if it was a failure down to chance such as a bad dice roll he would still insult me, finally I managed to get rid of him by hosting at my place and just not inviting him.

Who is your all-time favorite person to game with? It has to be with two people my DM Alex and fellow player (Chris) Wilde, we had great fun playing together, although always got sidetracked for at least an hour every session including our all famous 6 hour session of just throwing jokes around about different things and then finally getting down to playing some of the adventure, which lasted about an hour before conversation slipped back to the jokes and we just gave up.

Do you have anything gaming-related to plug? I would like a request for and D&D players looking for a group in the Stratford Upon Avon area, as we need more people after the loss of Wilde to the world of youtube and apparent busyness. Also I'd like to promote my favourite roleplaying forum www.salroth.com for the great games run their and the great people that play in and run them.


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