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The Navigator's Notebook is a series of in-depth examinations of specific adventure worlds, as reported upon by young people who have ventured there themselves - and survived to tell the tale! Seasoned adventurers (the grownup-types) usually refer to these as game reviews and actual play reports.

Each of these stirring reports includes commentary on the physics and traditions of the realm - the rule system, as some of those stuffy grownup-types would call them - and may also contain details on the local flora, fauna, indigneous peoples and creatures, and how to survive encounters with any and all of the above.

If you and your stalwart adventuring party would like to submit a report for publication, please send your query via electronic post to to recieve guidelines and suggestions.

Current Reports

A Practical Guide to the Practical Guides: The Coastal Wizards and their Mirrorstone book imprint have released a series of Practical Guides that cover an array of interesting topics - Wizardry, Monsters, Dragons, Dragon Riding, Faeries, and Vampires. Each of them could be used as an invitation to adventure. I explain how in my review.

Origins 2007 Adventure Report: Your friend and narrator, Dr. Awkward, hosted two events for young people at the 2007 Origins International Game Expo in Columbus, Ohio. One excursion was to the realm of cartoons with the TOON RPG, and the other took the adventurers into the world of the little people with the Faery's Tale RPG. The events were such a grand success that several more are planned for next year's Game Fair. Click here to read a full report of the events, and if you plan to attend Origins 2008, be sure to look for me there!

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