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The BeQuest FAQ

What is BeQuest? BeQuest is a casual network of people involved in gaming - from gamers to game industry professionals - who give of themselves in whatever form they choose, through donations of money, time and effort, or personal sacrifices, no matter how large, no matter how small. These efforts will be chronicled here on this page. The benefits of this are:

1) The community at large benefits as gamers are encouraged to participate in betterment efforts. 2) The gaming community benefits from positive public relations, and gamers as a whole gain a reputation as positive members of society. 3) Gamers benefit from the act of giving of oneself, which builds character like nothing else can.

The way I see it, everybody wins.

What is BeQuest not? BeQuest is not a charity of its own. BeQuest does not accept donations and forward them to charities; rather, it directs gamers and game companies towards ways that they can participate in philantropy. BeQuest is not for profit. BeQuest is not selling (or buying) anything. BeQuest is not about doing things to make ourselves feel better or show everyone that we did them.

What do I do? BeQuest is an information network. More than anything, the greatest contribution to BeQuest is information that can be passed on to others. The most common information needed is:

1. Contact information for clubs, companies, and any other group connected to the gaming industry that is involved in a charity, fundraiser, or any philanthropic effort.
2. Contact information for charitable organizations. As this information may change over time, it will also be necessary to check and update it frequently.
3. Information on getting a game club, company, or other group involved in charitable activities like food or clothes drives, blood drives, volunteer work, and so on.
4. Stories and anecdotes about such efforts in the past, from a first-hand perspective - including successes, failures, and advice.

In time, this information will begin to form a base that others will be able to draw from to start their own philanthropic project - from choosing a charity, to gathering the necessary info to start a fundraiser, to reading the stories of others that have done so in the past.

Shouldn't charity be its own reward? Why publicize it like this? Charity is its own reward. There's no denying this. BeQuest is not about getting your name in lights for donating a pint of blood or cleaning up a city park. Making the efforts of gamers known to others can accomplish two things: As mentioned above, it can improve the public opinion of gaming. It can also encourage other gamers, gaming clubs, stores, and companies to do the same.

The fact is, the concept of gamers involved in philanthropy is nothing new - it's been happening for some time. Consider the philanthropy work that the Camarilla does - a Vampire LARP fan club that puts their efforts toward the Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity, the United Way, and even benefits for wild bats and wolves. They are an inspiration to us all, and more people need to know about it.

Inspiring others to do good for the sake of doing good, and giving them the resources to follow through with it, is what BeQuest is about.













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