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Title: Teenagers Arrested in Vampire Cult Murder/Vampire Cult Members are Charged/Vampire Cult Members Wait for Extradition

Source: www.the700club.org, 12/2, 12/3, 12/5, 1996 (respectively), and broadcast on The 700 Club's television show on the same date.

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Teenagers Arrested in Vampire Cult Murder

December 2, 1996

A group of Kentucky teen-agers who claim to be members of a vampire cult face a court hearing today in a double murder case. Authorities say the teens were involved in a strange game that went much too far.

Kristine Tansky, reporter

The teen-agers were arrested Thanksgiving night by Louisiana police as they drove up to a hotel in the victims' Ford Explorer. Richard and Naoma Wendorf were found beaten to death in their Florida home earlier last week. The teens had been on the run for three days. Officials say at first they thought the victims' 15-year-old daughter Heather had been abducted by her parents' killer, but soon they realized she was among the chief suspects.

The other four suspects are all teen-agers from western Kentucky, where police say they were involved in a cult known as `The Vampire Clan.' The Murray, Kentucky, sheriff's office says there was no evidence of satanic rituals in the deaths, but all five teens claim to be vampires. They all admit to participating in human blood drinking rituals, where they cut their arms and suck each other's blood. Heather told friends she was a demon in past lives and talked to spirits.

The group is also suspected of breaking into the local animal shelter and mutilating two puppies.  Police spent the weekend searching the Mississippi River bank, where they allegedly threw out the murder weapon. It's said to be some type of metal object, perhaps a crowbar. All five suspects will be extradited to Florida to face murder charges as early as tomorrow.

Vampire Cult Members are Charged

December 3, 1996

David Snyder, reporter

One of the five teen-agers accused of murder as part of an alleged blood-sucking vampire cult waived her right to an extradition hearing onMonday. Now the only adult member of The Vampire Clan will leave Louisiana, where she's being held, and be returned to Florida. Nineteen-year-old Dana Cooper will face murder charges in the beating death of a Florida couple.

Cooper, 16-year-olds Rod Ferrell and Scott Anderson, and the murdered couple's, daughter, Heather Wendorff, were all charged with the murder.

As more is being revealed about the bizarre, blood-sucking Vampire Clan, prosecutors will continue to build their case against the Kentucky cult.  Prosecutors say some of The Vampire Clan members mutilated puppies for blood and body parts and drank each other's blood.  The four juveniles will face a detention hearing on Wednesday.

Vampire Cult Members Wait for Extradition

December 5, 1996

Kim Ferrall, reporter

"The boy's not capable of doing this, not unless he was under the influence of drugs or they had him brainwashed or something."

These are the words of an anguished mother whose son was allegedly a member of a Vampire cult. Martha Anderson is waiting in a Louisiana courthouse to hear whether her 16-year-old son Scott will be extradited to Florida to face double murder charges. Anderson is one of the five teen-agers accused of murder in the November 25th beating death of a Florida couple.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects, 19-year-old Dana Cooper, was denied bond Wednesday in her first court appearance in Florida. Investigators believe the teens became attracted to vampires because of a popular role-playing game.  Yesterday a witness said the vampire-obsessed teens drank each other's blood and actually talked about killing a friend's parents the night the couple was bludgeoned to death.

After his arrest, Anderson took police to the site where his Vampire Clan supposedly tossed the murder weapon.  Although investigators discovered some evidence, the weapon appears to be gone.

" If things are as bad as they look for Scott, I would have rather him been a victim also. It would have been a whole lot easier to deal with," his mother said.

The three other teens from Kentucky are also awaiting extradition from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where they were arrested on Thanksgiving.
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