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The Escapist Archive - A collection of articles on role-playing games, collected through the history of the site.

As B.A.D.D. As It Gets - A 'Dangers of D&D' pamphlet from the heyday of anti-RPG rhetoric, with commentary.

Dark Dungeons - A humorous (but informative) critique of the infamous Chick Publications anti-game tract. Includes links to other parodies and commentaries. 

Facts and Fictions About Role-Playing Games - A pamphlet that summarises the role-playing hobby, the concerns and myths about it, and the benefits it provides. Great for handing out to concerned parents and guardians. In PDF format. Last updated: January 28th, 2007

Facts and Fictions About Role-Playing Games: World of Darkness - Similar to the above document, but with the focus on the World of Darkness RPGs. This was created for a library RPG group, to help parents and guardians understand more about the hobby. Includes a short young adult horror bibliography.  In PDF format. Last updated: February 25th, 2010

Fifteen Tips for Dealing with Reporters Productively - John Clark, a reporter for the Republic in Columbus, Indiana, and a gamer, explains how to deal with the media in the most effective manner possible

Finding Games and Gamers - A list of online resources for finding gamers, game stores, and game clubs in your area.

Recommended Reading - Books on roleplaying theory, Satanic and moral panic, urban myths, and other related subjects.

The RPG Fact Checker - A guide to the commonly made mistakes and misconceptions about role-playing games, summarized for ease of use by journalists or anyone writing on the subject. In PDF format. Last updated: May 22nd, 2011

RPG Studies - Links and information regarding studies about role-playing games and the people who play them.

Why Do We Roleplay? - A collection of testimonies from roleplayers about what they get out of their hobby. Coming soon.