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Want to have a friendly little email chat? The address to write to is

To avoid an inbox full of offers from desperate Nigerian nobles and special deals on H3RbA1 V1@gr@, I make a point of not putting any clickable links with my email address in them. There are lots of people who write programs to "harvest" email addresses that are displayed in this way, instead of doing something really productive, like generating stats and skills for every individual resident of Eberron.

Instead, I use a graphic that makes it just a little bit harder for those harvesters to harvest me. This means that, if you want to email me, you're going to have to type my address out. Sorry about that, but if you're using a decent mail program or online service, it will likely get saved into your inbox from then on. So you'll only be inconvenienced once.

I don't want to put you through it, but trust me, the end result - a nice, clean inbox that is filled with reader mail instead of invitations to sell my timeshare or gamble at hot new online casinos - is well worth it.

Thanks for understanding.

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